Golf Season In The Carolinas And Myrtle Beach Gearing Up As Summer Wanes.

CapeFearnationalThis informative article about the upcoming grand strand golf season was written by Kristin Sanchez and published at Good news for Grand strand golf community as bookings appear headed in the right direction for the fall season…

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The summer season is coming to a close, as the golf season is about to get back into full swing. Condos and homes will soon be filled with golfers looking to hit the links.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals Inc. said that they projected this summer season to be better than the past previous three seasons, a 16 percent increase from last year.

“We see a lot of families, children, you know obviously schools out,” explained Bobby Bruecken, Manager of Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals.

This rental company is used to seeing nearly all of their 230 properties rented but this weekend was a different story.

“This weekend is a slight drop off from what we had, but nothing out of the ordinary,” Bruecken said.

That’s because many kids will be heading back to school this week. Now it’s time for tourism based companies to switch gears to golfers.

Bruecken explained, “You’re not going to see those Saturday to Saturday stays we’re accustomed to throughout the course of the summer. You’ll start to see more three to four night stays.”

The shoulder season might be looking better for local golf courses. There’s been a lot of national headlines about Myrtle Beach golf lately.

Barefoot Resort Golf Pro Dave Genevro said, “You know the old saying if you’re staying the same you’re getting worse is true. You always have to look at better quality and great customer service and I think not only us but the enter Myrtle Beach community has realized that and I think as a whole we are all trying to do the same thing.”

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If you would like more information on golf packages in Myrtle Beach South Carolina or North Carolina golf getaways you should check out The Brunswick Isles Golf Trail. Golf’s newest trail stretches from Leland, NC to North Myrtle Beach and offers some of the very best golf along The Grand Strand.

Business Strategy: Are You Inside-Out or Outside-In?

Elisabet Lagerstedt, who is the CEO and Executive Consultant at Inquentia Group wrote this fantastic thought provoking article about the divide between companies who look outside to grow their businesses and those who look within. Which camp are you in?

This is a really great read that was originally published in the blog.

“… An ideological gulf has opened in today’s business world, between companies that look outward for long-term value and those relying on internal resources.

“Look at Steve Jobs, he didn’t ask the customer. It’s no use, people don’t know what they want.”

That was the reaction of a former colleague of mine during our monthly management team meeting, after I suggested that we try a more structured approach to understanding our customers. This was a fairly normal, fairly successful international business, focused on operational excellence, product leadership, and meeting monthly sales targets.

At this meeting, we discussed our future innovation plans, which led to a debate about the cost and benefits of obtaining customer insights. It wasn’t the first time. In fact, we had already sponsored a few lead users (customers who are the early adopters of methods and technologies) as part of repositioning our brand. They had also taken part in a few innovation projects, but the outcome of their rich feedback had so far been modest and purely cosmetic: some cool stripes and a new colour on the original products. We lacked the time and budget to explore deeper changes.”

This is a very good video that discusses the 10 top growth strategies for small businesses. It fits really well with the article and I thought you might find it useful.

“But I felt it was tremendously important that we emphasise customer insights before entering the next phase, especially since we were starting to meet a more active international competition.

This made a few of my colleagues look very uncomfortable. Almost in unison, they objected to the idea of spending additional resources on customer insights, especially in relation to innovation.

“We have a history of showing good results with the resources and specialized knowledge we have internally. Our R&D people know what works,” went one response.

Yet another colleague chimed in, “I just don’t believe in it.”

To me this sounded extremely ignorant. Regardless of our own experiences, different studies have shown that 40-90 percent of innovations fail. Studies have also shown that innovation processes involving customers, especially lead users, are more likely to succeed in the market place since they just have better and more creative ideas than internal product developers.

Looking back at the situation, I see status-quo thinking played a major role, especially since I was fairly new to the organisation when this happened. However, the disagreement somehow also came down to our individual backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs in how to run a successful business.”

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“Inside-Out vs Outside-In

Put simply, there seem to be two ruling paradigms in business today: the Inside-Out approach and the Outside-In approach. George S. Day and Christine Moorman called them the two paths to strategy in their book Strategy from the Outside-In from 2010. In business the overarching goal is to create [long-term] shareholder value. These two approaches use very different means to achieve that end.

The Inside-Out approach is guided by the belief that the inner strengths and capabilities of the organisation will make the organisation prevail. The Outside-In approach is instead guided by the belief that customer value creation, customer orientation and customer experiences are the keys to success.

From an Outside-In approach, long-term shareholder value is a consequence of listening and providing value to customers and helping them get their jobs done better than the competition while providing a seamless customer experience. The ideal organisational culture is market- and customer-oriented and the targeted customer segments – buyers as well as users – are the source of inspiration and development. There is also a strong belief that if the customers aren’t satisfied with the solutions offered, the business will suffer and the shareholder value will diminish.

With an Inside-Out approach to business, you would likely see effective use of company resources and core competencies as the main driver of shareholder value. Inside-Out strategists believe that a company achieves greater efficiencies and adapts more quickly to changing circumstances with this approach…”

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Deep Sea Fishing The Carolina Coast – Things To Know Before You Go

Fishing-TopsailOne thing the North Carolina beaches have in common is fantastic fishing both onshore and off and very few types of vacations can rival the experience of a fishing vacation especially deep sea fishing… especially along the North Carolina coast. Sounds good doesn’t it? Whether you are doing it for days or only a few hours, it can allow you to come face to face with the types of fish and sea creatures most people only see on television. In most cases, it is simple enough to hire a charter boat with an experienced crew that can take you out onto the ocean. Otherwise, you will have to plan the trip which could become quite difficult. This article was written to give you helpful suggestions in regard to going on a deep sea fishing trip of your very own.

Here are some of our favorite beaches in NC to visit and fish:

- Topsail Island
- Wrightsville Beach
- Oak Island
- Holden Beach

In order to embark upon your first deep sea fishing adventure, you should choose a great location for your first time out. In fact, every area has its own unique characteristics. We have suggested these 4 locations for varied reasons. There are lots of seasoned Captains here that can help you catch fish and a fishing trip is always better if you are catching and not just fishing. Another good thing about these locales is the availability of lodging, fun stuff to do year round and restaurants with really good food.

It’s also not hard to travel from beach to beach and fish multiple locations from one base point. For instance, you can stay in Wilmington, NC and fish at Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Topsail Island and more by simply making use of one of Wilmington’s best local transportation services. Cab Wilmington NC are fast friendly and reliable so you don’t have to tie yourself to just one location. Use local transport and enjoy fishing multiple locations.

Take Topsail island for instance, there are great restaurants there, lots of charter boats with experienced crew and there are numerous Topsail Beach condo rentals available of every shape, size and price range to fit the needs and budget of your group.

Anyone that is near North or South Carolina will want to go to the Carolina coast to do deep sea fishing. Here you’ll find many attractive offerings, such as mackerel, bass, striper and Atlantic Bluefin Tuna that can weigh up to 800 pounds. A great trip could be fishing off the coast of Topsail Island with any number of knowledgeable captains there. Many people do it every year. Dolphin Fish, Yellowfish Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish can also be caught in these areas if you search long and hard enough. People also catch a lot of fish in the Holden Beach area, which is another popular spot due to the amount of seasoned captains available and also the amount of fish caught.

If you’re thinking about chartering a boat to go deep sea fishing, you should make sure you figure out all of the details ahead of time. It is in your best interest to do this type of planning. Without proper planning, your experience on the sea may not be as good as you would want it to be. Think carefully about the length of the trip. Since this is something that may be brand-new for you, it’s in your best interest to go out for a couple hours only, just to see how it feels. Your fishing trip can be much more private or incident if you hire a private charter. This will cost you quite a bit of cash, but it may be an option that is more appealing to you. It will cost you a lot less money if you go with other people on a charter trip so keep that in mind.

If you have gone fishing before, you are probably not aware that deep-sea fishing does require very special equipment. These fishing poles are quite large, and are designed to handle larger fish, and thus are more sturdy. The fishing poles are so much bigger because the fish in the ocean are also very large. When you watch a deep sea fisherman start to finish, they will use a belt and harness so they have better control and balance. If you land a very large fish, you will often need this. You will probably higher a deep sea fishing charter company that will give you the equipment necessary to do your fishing properly. In the last few years, deep sea fishing has gained considerable popularity. Due to this rise in popularity, it is now possible for more people to experience this type of fishing than ever before. Finding a charter company with a great reputation is what a beginner should do if they want to try this type of fishing. Although you can do this worldwide, it’s best to do research, and to find the perfect area for you to do deep sea fishing your very first time. If you choose Topsail island, we suggest you  book your vacation rentals because they have the largest selection in the area but be secure in the fact that whatever beach you choose, the Carolina coast is a perfect place for you to begin whether you are a seasoned angler or rank beginner, you are sure to have success and a great time deep sea fishing along the Carolina Coast.